THE CPS 3000

CPS 3000

Dimensions: (gun) 71 cm x 11.5 cm x 30 cm
(backpack) 42 cm x 24 cm x 8.5 cm
(hose) 100 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm
(not including gun adapter)
Tank Capacity: 8 L
Firing Chamber Capacity:
Penetration Value:


This is one water weapon to truly be reckoned with. This CPS weapon nicely balances the CPS power with a good complement of payload. The main drawback to this is the sheer weight of the fully loaded unit, but it is on the shoulders making not as bad. Besides, when one has the most impressive water gun slung over one's shoulder, what's a little extra weight?

The backpack has two layers. The outer layer holds the straps to the pack and acts as a damage protector for the inner water bladder which holds the water. One nice feature is that the backpack inflates and deflates to match the amount of water it has remaining. As such, it is not bulky when nearing emptiness. The backpack is attached to good strength, one metre long tubing, allowing the user a great deal of freedom of motion with the gun. The backpack has a zipper at the right side where the tubing emerges, allowing one to access the inner compartment to make repairs or patch leaks if need be. The main problem with the backpack is the straps. They are only attached in a few places to the outer shell, making for a flimsier joint. As such, it is not recommendable to run with the backpack full of water. Placing the CPS 3000 backpack into a larger knapsack with a side-opening zipper will allow the user to run without fear of damaging the gun's water resevoir.

At the end of the hose is a closeable valve/gun adapter. This makes the user of the CPS 3000 a sort of mobile filling station for smaller guns. (Note: It is inadviseable to try filling other CPS weapons this way as their tanks would quickly drain the resources within the backpack.) The adapter locks into the CPS 3000 gun with a twist/click lock.

The gun itself has four nozzle settings. They are known as 5x, 10x, Typhoon and 20x. The 5x, 10x and 20x settings are identical to the CPS 2500 in terms of water-stream diameter. However, the firing chamber of the CPS 3000 holds significantly more water letting one fire continuously with the 5x setting for nearly 8 seconds. The 5x and 10x settings are best to use when conserving water (as if you need to with an 8 L backpack). The 20x is great for thoroughly soaking one's opponent quickly. The Typhoon setting is an interesting, albeit not that useful, setting. At the setting, the CPS 3000 fires out three roughly 5x streams in a spreading pattern from the nozzle. I presume this has a good area effect, but the range is diminished. The gun is also smaller than the CPS 2000 and CPS2500 since it does not have a built-in water resevoir. (All the stored water is in the backpack)

The CPS 3000 is, at this point in time, the mother of all water guns. One to be feared and respected. To those who chose to use it, use it well.

Pros: This is the largest water gun currently available in the CPS family. The water supply is large enough to last a good deal of time even in the wildest of squirt-fests. The four nozzles allows one to maximize drenching power, cover a large area or conserve water depending upon the situation. Its sheer size also makes one's opponents think thrice before coming within range. The size of the firing chamber lets one unload extreme amounts of water at distances which match even a hose (fire hoses excluded). The backpack nicely deflated as water is used, making it less obtrusive. The valve on the hose also allows the CPS 3000 backpack to be used as a mobile filling station for smaller water guns.

Cons: Heavy. Let me rephrase that. Really heavy! Thankfully, not bulky. The backpack should have been reinforced better (8 L is quite a lot of water and is quite heavy). As such, it is not adviseable to run with a fully-loaded backpack. The Typhoon setting is not that useful and perhaps would be better is converted into a 30x setting. The fact that one is carrying the biggest Super Soaker® around also means that one is the first target one's opponents will go for. Always have some support when on the field.


Copyright 1998. R.G.

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