Super Soaker CPS 3000
Reservoir Capacity
8.0L - 260oz
Pressure Tank Capacity
900mL - 30oz
Pressure Type
Weapon Grade
Backpack Cannon
5x, 10x, 20x, Typhoon Nozzles
Submitted Review (Detailed Benchmark)
Submitted Review - Powerized CPS 3000 Statistics
A diversity of nozzles with a tremendous load of water. You may never go dry. Even with a CPS Sucking at it. The Power is down from the other CPSs, but the low power tacked onto the large pressure tank gives a shot time that will make you laugh hysterically while they drown. The Typhoon blast is Three 5x nozzles in 3 different directions that gives you a wide range blast that scatters about like a shotgun blast. The range is one of the lowest of the CPS's but still... 8 Liters of water....

I have received several reports from CPS 3000 users that the CPS 3000 becomes stronger with constant daily use. The Range improves, Water Deliverance improves, while significantly decreasing shot time. Thanks to the person who supplyed the 3000 benchmark, a Record of Shot Deliverance is also available.
You can see it here....

This gun has an enormous load of water. A backpack of insanity. Also it has a very high shot time.

Very Heavy. Weight brings unmanuverability.
A long shot time to the pressure tank size gives low water deliverance (Squirtage) and reduced range.(Not present on Powerized models)