Hello old friends...

Many long years have passed since the last time I updated my once beloved Super Soaker Site. Many have passed since I posted on the MiB and Aquatica forums, helped run the Webring, and helped keep the gears of the Online soaking community going. It's been a long time since I updated the Aqua-Nexus, but still to this day I get people popping up from time to time asking "Hey, aren't you SSW of the Aqua-Nexus?".

On April 1st 1999, I started what would become one of the most memorable phases of my life. I started with a simple page devoted to the classic soakers I had as a kid, then evolved as I got addicted to the impressive blasters we had around the turn of the century. It was a busy time, where even the very website that I built got noticed by the powers that be and looked as if it might grow into something bigger. Even though that didn't pan out, it still was a memorable time in my life that I look back on with fondness.

I lost interest around the time that Hasbro disintegrated Larami and pre-skoolized the entire Soaker line, after that I just didn't feel it was for me anymore... But I left the site up and running, figuring that some might still find it useful. I checked back from time to time over the years to see if the community was still there, and it's nice to see that it, and my good buddy, iSoaker, are still soakin' (:^o#-o)...

The biggest thing I noticed however, is most of the sites still around had links, connecting back to my now long-in-tooth webpage, frozen in time from the glory days, commenting that it still was a good place to check for older blaster information. Indeed, I've checked eBay, old CPS's go for alot of money lately. (I still have some of them. They're not for sale.) I can plainly see there is still an interest in the oldies... and there darn well should be!

Until recently, the old site was stored on my ISP's webspace, which was hosted by GeoCities. However, the GeoCities shutdown took the Aqua-Nexus with it. I had no way to revive it afterwards, and my lifes been busy lately, new job, woman in my life (wub), new friends, new hobbies. My life has changed in many ways as everyone's has, many good too.

It seemed as though the Aqua-Nexus might be lost to history, until I recently received an email from Bob of iSoaker.com.

And so, I want to thank everyone reading this for remembering me and my site, it means alot to me to have the site be remembered long after I'd stopped working on it, and it means alot that, after all these years, the Online Super Soaker community is still around to enjoy it.

And special thanks to Bob of iSoaker.com for the opportunity for the Aqua-Nexus be remembered for a little while longer.

And always remember...
-=Take No Prisoners!=-