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World Classified link added to iSoaker World section. This link provides a board where people from around the world can post ads looking for others in the area who are also interested in soaking each other.
New email address assigned for use for all email submissions to The address is is also pleased to announce that is has been accepted into Yahoo! and is now listed under Recreation/Toys/Water Guns/SuperSoaker.

Key Note: Aquatica Club has support from members of If you aren't currently a member and you're a SuperSoaker fan, you really should join!!

Looking for the reasons why YOU love water warfare. See Submissions for contact information
Looking for reviews of any water weaponry. See Submissions.

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- was previously known as Aquatechnology. is paid for and run by a lone individual. If you have any suggestions or wish to sponsor the running/continuation of this site, please see Submissions for contact information. -

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