iSoaker Feature Blaster:
The XP310 is the current iSoaker feature blaster. The review for the XP310 has been updated. iSoaker is also looking for additional reviews, comments, critiques on this blaster. See Submissions.

News & Updates:
2000/10/15: offline update continues to progress. The next major update expected in late October or early November.
Serious water warrior image posted in the image gallery. See Water Warrior.
2000/09/20: has begun to undergo a face-lift off-line. At present, it is currently not known when the updates will be completed and posted. It is hypothesized that the changes will become public around the time when the 2001 line of SuperSoakers is announced. Until then, is looking for visitor input about what you like or think needs improving with If you have any suggestions, please send me an email. Go here for contact information.
00/09/08: With the approach of autumn coming for the Northern regions, the SuperSoaker season here draws to a close. As such, will be slowing down as there are not as many developments during the fall months. However, as the new year approaches, be sure to check back as information on the 2001 line of SuperSoakers is released. Other site updates will still occur, only not as frequently.
2000/09/01: Welcome to September! September tends to mark the end of the northern soaking season and the countdown until fall. will be soon going into off-season mode. During off-season time, update posting frequency will decrease while more changes are made to the site offline to prepare for the 2001 season. A sizeable update is planned for the future, but time will tell when work will commence on the change and when it may be posted. For now, the lastest update is the posted: iSoaker Elite: Part VI. Enjoy!

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