Waiting for Warmth – Need to do Range Testing

While we had a fairly mild day last week (temperatures got above 10C), it’s been below or only barely above freezing here ever since. While not too bad by itself, combined with the wind, while part of me wants to do range testing on the newest water blasters I’ve added to my armoury, Mother Nature just isn’t permitting that just yet.

Looking ahead in the forecast, things don’t appear to be getting warm enough until at least the latter part of next week. Of course, though, there’s also the problem of rain for Spring. Range testing in the rain, while not impossible, is not as accurate (nor as fun) as a nice, sunny, calm wind day.

I’m hoping for a good weather break in the next couple of weeks, but only time (and Mother Nature) can tell.


Hoping for another warmer, sunny day – with a little luck and some spare time, I just might be able to do a little range testing on some water blasters today.