What is the best new water gun / water blaster for 2015?

As Spring is mostly here, this is usually the time I’d take a look at what new water guns are available, compare the stats I measures from the ones I have, and make a call.

For 2015, the Flood Force brand is a dud, the Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to focus on pump-action water blasters, and the Water Warriors brand seems to have followed Nerf Super Soaker, releasing more pump-action and having only one “new” pump-action-based continuous-stream capable blaster released for 2015, the Steady Blast. The main reason Water Warriors remains ahead overall is that they also continue to have some good performing air pressure water guns available, though these are models released in previous years, thus are not considered as “new” for 2015.

So what’s the best new water gun for 2015?

… what if I were to say the best has yet to come…


One thought on “What is the best new water gun / water blaster for 2015?”

  1. the nozzle selector options look similar to those found the python 2 and colossus 2 . would i be correct saying it has N1 N5 and N9 burst settings.

    I am guessing this is air pressure, it seemed strange buzz bee would not make anything air powered as it is what seperates them performance wise from NSS

    also i presume it is similar in size to the Python2 and Colossus2

    The other big question is will it be widely available (or available at all in England) , or like the charger be rather scarce? (never sold here as far as i know)

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