About Us

iSoaker.net is the Networking side of iSoaker.com.


Through education and effective communication, iSoaker.net is committed to improving the quality of stock water blasters available to the present and future water warriors of the world.

About iSoaker.net

While iSoaker.com focuses on stock water gun reviews, iSoaker.net opens this topic to discussion to cater to those of similar interest. This new section on iSoaker.net is under development it can be considered as is a continual work-in-progress. While our mission is clear, the means to accomplishing our goal will be adapted and adjusted as needed to improve its efficacy.

As merely a means towards the greater goal of helping to bring about better stock water weaponry, iSoaker.net is less attached to maintaining information for historical posterity, instead focusing on providing a means for water blaster enthusiasts to discuss their views on what is or has been available in the past, what the wish to see, and have these desired heard by those who are more able to make such changes.

At the same time, though some manufacturers have been more open to direct interaction than others, iSoaker.net remains brand agnostic – it is in our main interest not to focus on brand, but rather the performance of water blaster models.

Leave NO one dry!