iSoaker Review Planning for 2016

Water blaster and water gun reviews remain the primary focus for However, as the quality and quantity of brand name water blaster models have changed over the years, while we would like to review every model available, budget and time constraints make this goal unrealistic in the near-term. As such, decisions must be made to prioritize review creation.

First and foremost, of course, is whether a particular water blaster model is available. If we cannot get our hands on an item, it simply cannot be reviewed.

Next, we make some initial assumptions on the performance of a water blaster model. Having handled and tested hundreds of different water guns already, we make fairly accurate predictions on how an untested model will perform.

That being said, there are two classes of water blasters that have always interested us. First, as evidenced from the start of Aquatechnology, high performance (e.g. high output, good range) water guns are what inspired the creation of this website in the first place. As such, any water blaster that appears that it should perform well or, of course, to confirm if a water blaster performs poorly, are put higher on the list.

Beyond high performance models, we also have interest in testing unique or intriguing water blaster models. Some water blasters are intended for use by younger users. While such models may not be too useful in large scale water wars, the earlier children are introduced to the joys of water fights, the more likely they will continue enjoying water fights as they grow, seeking out higher performance water blasters once they can physically handle them.

Taken together, we aim to review the models that look like they should be the top performers for their brand. Beyond those, interesting-looking or novel water blaster models may be tested. Time and availability remaining, other less-notable models may be tested and, of course, we remain open to others’ suggestions and feedback if we end up not doing a deep review on a particular model or if a water blaster model is available from another manufacturer that we had overlooked, thusfar.

In the end, we hope to review the most notable of the newest water gun models and fill in more as time and access permits. 2016 looks to be a fun year for water blaster testing at Soak on and Leave NO one dry!