Some questions at

1, How can I report pictures in <isoakin’ the world> category in

2,I have been reported some submission at, but It was  not uploaded. update once(or twice) in year?

3, I want draw’s comic, iSoak’D with you. may I draw that comic with you?

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I am korean water gun user.

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  1. Answers:

    1) To submit anything for, send an email and/or post something here with a note you’d like it to go to a particular page on If accepted, the received content will be migrated to the right page on

    2) Don’t think I ever received any submission to recently. How did you submit it?

    3) Glad you like the iSoak’D comics! Sorry to disappoint you, but I prefer creating them, myself. If you want to create your own water warfare comic strip, go for it! I just prefer there to be no confusion over who made the content that goes into iSoak’D.

      1. Thanks for the insight – it appears that after one of the recent server upgrades, that online submission form is now failing to send information forward. Unfortunately, anything submitted via that form is lost unless you kept a back-up copy. If you would be willing to re-submit your water blaster review(s) by email, it would be appreciated.

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