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The War Stories category is now added as a subsection of iSoaker.net. While iSoaker.com focuses on the technology and gear that make water fights and water warfare possible, iSoaker.net shall look more towards the User-side of the equation. Amongst other things, I am presently migrating old Fan Stories, War Stories, and Battle Reports over from iSoaker.com to iSoaker.net. Once the migration is complete, I’ll be re-directing the link on iSoaker.com to the iSoaker.net category. One major advantage for using iSoaker.net to house battle reports and war stories is that iSoaker.net members have the ability to draft and publish their stories through the website. There has been a lull in war stories submissions to iSoaker.com for a variety of reasons, but hope the development of iSoaker.net inspires others to share their water blaster and water warfare experiences!

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Water warriors Steady stream 2 available in Korea?

I went at most famous Korean water park with my brother and his friends, called by Caribbean bay.

I went gift shop and looking on water guns, I saw Nerf super soaker barrage, and some typical water guns.

Well, I saw the familiar  water gun in the gift shop.

I imagine myself, ‘I saw this water gun at isoaker, so what is it?’

And suddenly I believed, It was Water warrior’s Steady stream 2!

Brand was different, but it have very good range and output.(I tested with sample :) )

This is saying that, water warriors water gun can be available in Korea!

※bad grammars, bad vocabulary… sorry, I am Korean. :(

korean water gun situation

In Korea, people think water gun is only played by children.

So, water guns are usually product focusing on the characters, not power.

And korean water guns are always use air pressure or piston pressure.

Some korean water guns have good range, but nothing have good output.

In Korea, only barrage,double drench,scatter blast,alphafire,zipfire,freezefire are avilavle that  producted at brands.

I want water warriors come in at Korea, but I think it takes so long time.

-I am korean. sorry for my bad English :(

Looking for water gun from the 90s….

I’ve been looking for this water gun I had as a kid in the 90s. Was different because it didn’t shoot a stream but rather a blast, like a ball of water. It was a single-shot gun that had a lever style cocking mechanism. I guess it was spring or elastic because when the lever was being pulled back you could hear it clicking like a gear turning and holding the pressure. I’ve looked through all of the years/pictures but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you!

What make one pressurized water blaster superior or inferior to another?

Note: This article was written by The Oncoming Storm – it is being reposted here since the forum it was originally posted on is being closed.


Duelfest back in 2013 had some interesting results that haven’t been looked into all that deeply

The results to which I an referring are those of the modern AP guns that were tested, Namely the Gorgon, Colossus, and Colossus 2. Here are their results against each other.

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2011 Community War, Battle Report

DAY 1, August 20th, 2011:

I got to the park a bit later than I wanted to, due to a late start and getting stopped twice by all the construction that’s going on in my area. After I got there, I unloaded everything onto a picnic table sitting by the basketball court (The pavilion was taken.). Scott arrived in a few minutes, and we set up the gazibo that he brought and filled up the water bottles. Right after we finished with that, everyone else arrived (Great timing!). After a tour of the forest area, we were ready to begin. I decided to use my 2700 because it has the best non-homemade power of all my guns, and is too heavy for my brothers (It does wear down on the arms after a while.). I also used my backpack, in which I stored a MD 4000 for back-up, with 2 water bottles and my Swiss Army knife (I later found out that I also had an old pair of socks in there, that were there since last winter. 😛 ). Continue reading 2011 Community War, Battle Report