What make one pressurized water blaster superior or inferior to another?

Note: This article was written by The Oncoming Storm – it is being reposted here since the forum it was originally posted on is being closed.


Duelfest back in 2013 had some interesting results that haven’t been looked into all that deeply

The results to which I an referring are those of the modern AP guns that were tested, Namely the Gorgon, Colossus, and Colossus 2. Here are their results against each other.

Colossus 2 (0-1)
Colossus 2 loses to Colossus, 1 to 2

Colossus (1-1)
Colossus defeats Colossus 2, 2 to 1
Colossus loses to Gorgon, 1 to 6

Gorgon (1-0)
Gorgon defeats Colossus, 6 to 1

Why they didn’t run the Colossus 2 vs Gorgon is beyond me, but seeing what is did to the Colossus and what the Colossus did to the C2 it’s safe to say it would have won soundly.

The question is why?

The shelf space argument which claims restricted internal space is the issue doesn’t work. This is evidenced by the fact that the Gorgon while being the tallest and widest in the list had gobs of internal space that went unused and soundly defeated it’s AP competitors.

A prevailing theory at the time assumed that pump volumes had a large part in it. However all Water Warriors pumps have remained at 5/8″ ever since the Krypton Mk1’s pump was criticized as difficult in 2005.

So far I have just discredited a few existing theories. I will now offer a few of my own to try and explain why the Colossus and Colossus 2 didn’t hold up to the Gorgon in practice.

Chamber size in the Colossus is 6% larger than in the Gorgon so it wasn’t a factor against it, however the 47% smaller chamber on the Colossus 2 compared to the Colossus is a large factor and allowed the Colossus to maintain acquit pressure much longer than the Colossus 2 and so effectively out-range it after prolonged firing of similar duration.

Now to try explaining why the Gorgon outfought the Colossus in a fight where field life was not a factor. Output, Comparing the 2012 Gorgon’s nozzles to those on the Colossus the 2012 Gorgon’s largest is estimated to be a 3-4x nozzle compared to a 2x nozzle on a stock Colossus. Furthermore Ben’s Gorgon had it’s smallest nozzle drilled out to a 10x.

I therefore offer the following solutions to manufacturers to improve future pressurized water blasters. 1 Increase chamber size on the largest blasters back to around 18oz, 2. Increases the size and number of nozzles on blasters (I would recommend having 1, 3, 5, 10x nozzles and to keep the typhoon setting.)

For any critics who claim Water Warriors guns can’t support those settings testing results by DX and Marauder show a Gorgon can push a 5x nozzle 42′ and at a 10x nozzle least 38′.

Thank You for reading this post.