2012 Water Balloon Battles

By: christermouse

This happened at a water balloon class at a teen center. Every week we would get 200 water balloons for each team and battle it out on this walkway and dried up creek bed.

This week me and my friend had one 9 out of 10 of the capture the flag style games despite them bringing bags. We had beaten the other team badly with a variety of tactics.

We had 15 of water balloons left and we decided to take 3 each and set up an ambush to get revenge for earlier. The plan was for my friend to wait behind a wall and ambush them when I lured them to that spot. What we did not account for was them having twenty balloons in their bags and were getting ready to rush us with a bunch of attacks. I opened fire and they began to shoot rapid fire at us. I still had some water balloons in the cooler so I ran to get some while my friend was getting hit repeatedly. I grabbed about 3 balloons and headed out to go help my friend. One of the guys form the other team saw that we had balloons in our cooler and went to take it over. I saw him and rushed to get back there and we struggled to get the cooler pen without letting the other into it. He had the advantage still having a few balloons left and got me twice. I decided to knock the cooler of the bench since it still had water in it. I sent it flying off the bench with most of it soaking him. I grabbed the two balloons that had not popped during the battle and got two nice hits on him but then I ran out of balloons. He cornered me to a wall but then saw his teammate trip over the cooler on the ground and fall into it. He laughed and then let me go and decide to get his friend while he was struggling out of the cooler. There was no winner and everyone was soaked so we had a good time.