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The War Stories category is now added as a subsection of iSoaker.net. While iSoaker.com focuses on the technology and gear that make water fights and water warfare possible, iSoaker.net shall look more towards the User-side of the equation. Amongst other things, I am presently migrating old Fan Stories, War Stories, and Battle Reports over from iSoaker.com to iSoaker.net. Once the migration is complete, I’ll be re-directing the link on iSoaker.com to the iSoaker.net category. One major advantage for using iSoaker.net to house battle reports and war stories is that iSoaker.net members have the ability to draft and publish their stories through the website. There has been a lull in war stories submissions to iSoaker.com for a variety of reasons, but hope the development of iSoaker.net inspires others to share their water blaster and water warfare experiences!

Soak on!

2011 Community War, Battle Report

DAY 1, August 20th, 2011:

I got to the park a bit later than I wanted to, due to a late start and getting stopped twice by all the construction that’s going on in my area. After I got there, I unloaded everything onto a picnic table sitting by the basketball court (The pavilion was taken.). Scott arrived in a few minutes, and we set up the gazibo that he brought and filled up the water bottles. Right after we finished with that, everyone else arrived (Great timing!). After a tour of the forest area, we were ready to begin. I decided to use my 2700 because it has the best non-homemade power of all my guns, and is too heavy for my brothers (It does wear down on the arms after a while.). I also used my backpack, in which I stored a MD 4000 for back-up, with 2 water bottles and my Swiss Army knife (I later found out that I also had an old pair of socks in there, that were there since last winter. 😛 ). Continue reading 2011 Community War, Battle Report

Campsite Night Time Soak Fest

By: Rambo

It was our first night up in tremper ny and it was 9:30 pm.all 5 of us me ben rob will and andrew were staying in a campsite, but at that time the only place that was bright enough for a fight was by the bathrooms and showers. the only place we could fill our guns up was in the showers which took forever,until we realised the handicap shower was perfect for reloading Continue reading Campsite Night Time Soak Fest

Boys vs. Girls

By: Maurice

I discovered the world of supersoakers about a year ago. I collected about 15 soakers. Since I’m a sportsteacher I decided to let my students enjoy these unknown classic old fashioned waterguns as well. The students spend most of their time behind a pc so running for your life with a huge supersoaker in your hands is a more fun and active lifestyle. Continue reading Boys vs. Girls

Nightime Free-for-all

The following takes place on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010. Around 20:30 military time.

It was hot, hot, hot. A perfect day for a water fight. The only problem is, whenever me and my brothers(I’ll refer to them as K & J.) have a battle, it always turns out rather boring. Our property is very open, with no cover at all. So what always happens is this: I’m walking around the house, I see one of my brothers, we both charge forward until we’re almost at firing distance, and then one of us will run forward a couple of steps and fire, before quickly jumping back to avoid the opponents fire. So it’s basically back and forth until one of us decides to run back to behind a shed or something to try and set up an ambush. Occasionally we’ll get a few successful ambushes, but aside from that, I’m bored most of the time. Continue reading Nightime Free-for-all

Hydro Cannon Battle

By: John C.

:5 vs. 5 battle

Objective: Steal opponents flag

Alpha Team

Commander John Primarily: Hydro Blitz
Sergeant James Primarily: Arctic Blast
Warrior Josh Primarily: Flash Flood
Bomber Hyunseok Primarily: Water Grenades (Water Balloons)
Scout Paul Primarily: Quick Blast

Omega Team

Commander Justin Primarily: Rattler
Sergeant June Primarily: Arctic Shock
Warrior Jordan Primarily: Vindicator
Bomber Edan Primarily: Water Balloons
Scout Ninja Primarily: Secret Strike

This game took at least 5 hours to complete. Continue reading Hydro Cannon Battle

First Event of Summer: 2 v 2, November 4th, 2009

By: ncog


Last night one of my friends suggested having a water fight today, since the weather forecast predicted a hot 27C (though with a heavy wind warning). Plans were made and my three friends arrived today in the afternoon (for the sake of this article I will call them Roger, Yarning and William). None of them had their own soakers yet, so I laid out my five best working soakers (Vindicator, Pulse Master, Orca, Tiger Shark and Renegade) out on the lawn for them to choose from. After the three of them had chosen, I was left to choose out of the Tiger Shark and Renegade. I decided to go for the Renegade since I believed it to have a better range than the Tiger Shark and was interested to see how it would fare as the only air pressure soaker on the field. The weather during the water fight was overcast but still warm (nowhere near 27C but still nice for a water fight); shortly after we finished the sun broke through the cloud cover and increased the temperature significantly (though if that had happened during the water fight we would have likely gotten sunburnt, so it was probably better the way the weather turned out). Continue reading First Event of Summer: 2 v 2, November 4th, 2009