Nightime Free-for-all

The following takes place on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010. Around 20:30 military time.

It was hot, hot, hot. A perfect day for a water fight. The only problem is, whenever me and my brothers(I’ll refer to them as K & J.) have a battle, it always turns out rather boring. Our property is very open, with no cover at all. So what always happens is this: I’m walking around the house, I see one of my brothers, we both charge forward until we’re almost at firing distance, and then one of us will run forward a couple of steps and fire, before quickly jumping back to avoid the opponents fire. So it’s basically back and forth until one of us decides to run back to behind a shed or something to try and set up an ambush. Occasionally we’ll get a few successful ambushes, but aside from that, I’m bored most of the time.

So I decided, why not hold it at night? It’ll be much harder to see each other, and the darkness will add spookiness and makes it more dramatic.

So it was settled. When it got dark enough, we chose our soakers and headed out. I chose my Max-D 6000, my younger brother K chose his nasty XP 270,(I’m not lying when I say it’s nasty, this thing can get 40 feet of range!) and my youngest brother, J took his Max-D Secret Strike.

We left a light on out front so we could see while refilling. The rules were simple, It was similar to 1HK, except you had to get hit with a good portion of water(Determined by the receiver.) in order to be ‘Dead’. Just getting hit with a few drops didn’t count. Headshots were instant death. If you got hit, you had to lay on the ground for about 25 seconds before being able to get up again, and you couldn’t shoot someone while he was refilling.

Note: I made up some of the things that happened during the battle, because it’s hard for me to remember everything that happened and the order everything took place. Everything that I wrote however, is based on things that actually happened.

We started off with everyone refilling. Once we were done we lined up, steeled ourselves…

Aaaaaand they’re off! We started off running in opposite directions pumping as we went. Once I got far enough away I slowed down and looked around. The only sound I could hear was my own breath. I slowly made my way around the shed in the driveway and headed across the lawn, my blaster clutched tightly against my shoulder. Suddenly, I saw a shadowy figure of someone with a blaster near the rabbit shed in the back.(My mom raises rabbits.)I tiptoed over, when all of a sudden he turned around. It was J. He fired a shot that grazed my shoulder. I ran around the rabbit shed and tried to ambush him from behind, but then K ran out from under the porch and took a couple of shots at me. I ran around him going for a flanking move. We exchanged a few shots, and finally one of my shots found it’s mark. K fell to the ground and began counting. Unfortunately for me, J had snuck up behind me, and hosed down my back with his ‘Secret’ fan blast.

I lay on the ground slowly counting. “23…24…25.” I got up and looked around. K had gotten up before, and J had gone somewhere. Both of them were nowhere in sight and I couldn’t hear a thing. I started circling around the house. I’d only walked a few steps when I heard shouts. They were coming from the septic hill. I ran over and found J laying on the ground. I looked around quickly and saw a jet of water flying towards me. I reacted a second too late as it hit me squarely in the face. Headshot.

After I was done counting, I got up and went back the way I came. Upon passing the refill station, I thought I saw something move by the chicken coop.(Yes, we have chickens too.)I slowly moved along the side of the house keeping an eye on the coop. Then I saw a shadowy figure of a head peeking out from behind the big pile of rabbit droppings and old hay near the rabbit shed. I didn’t know where to go, so I slowly made my way toward the pile while still keeping a good eye on the coop. Suddenly J, who was behind the pile, jumped out and started running away from me firing while he ran, right towards the chicken coop. I hung back, slowly following in case of an ambush. I was right. K leaped out from behind the coop, and he and J started dueling. I waited for my chance, then ran forward, firing tap shots left and right. They scattered, I decided to pursue J, he ran around the front of the house, K went behind the driveway shed, but I didn’t pay attention until it was too late. As I was running after J, he hid behind my dad’s pickup truck, and fired at me. With almost automatic reflexes, I spun around and fired a stream in the general direction.

I’m not sure whether or not I got him, but I spun around and continued chasing J. I was approaching the septic hill, when he suddenly sprang out from behind a tree and fired at me. However my blaster had superior range, so I easily outclassed him. After watching his body fall(:P), I went around the back of the house looking for K. As I passed the rabbit shed I almost tripped over a big stone which was only one of a whole bunch of stones that were placed there a few days ago when we were remodeling our shade garden.
While trying to avoid tripping over the stones, I got shot right in the side by K who was hiding in the garden. “Aw come on!” I yelled.(But not too loud so as not to wake up the neighborhood. XP)

After counting to 25, I got up looking for revenge. I decided to go back the way I came. I’d heard some commotion over that way while I was down. When I got there, I saw K laying on the the ground, and J up on the porch in a prone position. I crept up, readied my blaster, and opened fire into his right shoulder. “Hey!” he yelled, “I was down!” “Oops, sorry!” I said. I ran around the other side of the house, looking to set up an ambush. But then I realized that my reservoir was getting low, so I headed over to the hose at the refill station on the side of the house.

After refilling, I pressurized my PCs and went around the front of the house. I thought I saw someone laying behind a tree. I went over to investigate, not wanting to make the same mistake of shooting someone when he was down. It was K. Suddenly, he hopped up and began shooting away. We dueled for a bit, but I forgot to pump, and mist began blasting out of the nozzle. “Ah-ha!” he exclaimed. He ran forward while I was pumping, and just as he was about to fire, I blasted him point blank in the the chest. Falling back, he was like: “What in the…”

“Haha, you thought I was out didn’t you?”  I laughed. Running back in the other direction, I came across J. He leaped out of the shadows and we began to fight, jumping back and forth, firing like crazy. But none of us noticed that K had ‘Respawned’ and was coming up behind me. He fired quite a lot of water into my back. It was Cold! I was down again. Him and J were just starting to battle, when my mom stuck her head out the front door and said it was time to come in. We emptied the rest of our water by blasting each other. We then went inside, took fast showers,(Even though we already had showers. :P)and went to bed. It had been an awesome night.

This was pretty much the best battle I’d ever fought. It was not extremely exciting, but compared to other battles I’ve been in it was like world water war II.

I will definitely be having another one soon. Possibly today, it’s pretty warm. I hope to actually keep score next time, as well as giving everyone more even blasters. J’s blaster was kind of underpowered compared to mine and K’s. My Arctic Blast is working now, so I can lend J my Max-D 6000. I also would like to widen our range of fighting. As you may have noticed, most of the fighting was close to the house.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to hold our next battle tonight. So I’ll submit it when I get a chance.

~SEAL Captain of the Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s (Soaker Elite Assault Legion.)

Submitted: 5/20/10 @ 15:57

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I am the current leader of the Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s, one of the only hardcore water warfare teams still in operation (since 2007). I regularly attend community wars and have hosted several, including the first of its kind. I have been into water blasters since 2002, and while these days I am a fighter first and foremost, I still appreciate the tools that define water wars.