Hydro Cannon Battle

By: John C.

:5 vs. 5 battle

Objective: Steal opponents flag

Alpha Team

Commander John Primarily: Hydro Blitz
Sergeant James Primarily: Arctic Blast
Warrior Josh Primarily: Flash Flood
Bomber Hyunseok Primarily: Water Grenades (Water Balloons)
Scout Paul Primarily: Quick Blast

Omega Team

Commander Justin Primarily: Rattler
Sergeant June Primarily: Arctic Shock
Warrior Jordan Primarily: Vindicator
Bomber Edan Primarily: Water Balloons
Scout Ninja Primarily: Secret Strike

This game took at least 5 hours to complete.

We went to our bases until we heard the whistle. I commanded Paul to go scout the area. Few minutes later, he came back with information. He told us where they were. By coincidence, they were in a bushy area. I sent out Warrior Josh and Sergeant James to make a go for it. It seemed that it didn’t go that well because they came back soaked! Suddenly Ninja ambushed us with the Secret Strike. He didn’t make it alive though. We soaked him so bad. James stopped him cold when he pulled the nozzle back to let out a humongous blast of water combined with ice. We took him hostage and tied him to a chair. We asked him nicely to tell us all the information he got. He wouldn’t spit it out though so we had to interrogate him. I left that to Warrior Josh and let him pull his nozzle back to blast a lot of water. Finally he gave in. He told us what kind of guns our enemies were using. I commanded my men to take his weapon hostage.

I sent out scout Paul to see what else they were doing. When he came back, he said they were planning for an ambush. We decided to break up to 2 forces. Josh, James, and Paul guard the person and the flag while me and Hyunseok catch them off guard. When we found their base, Hyunseok through some water balloons (He had fifty in a backpack) They came out surprised but soaked. Me and Hyunseok did as much damage as we could and dodging their bolts with water.

We returned fire and I pulled my nozzle back which blinded them for 10 second but then, me and Hyunseok hide behind some bushes. They went to look for us but we manged to get the flag. When we arrived at our base, it was chaos. James, Paul, and Josh were holding their own. Josh and James pulled their nozzle back to make them retreat. However, they caught me and Hyunseok running to our base and we got captured. They tied us up and interrogated us. They soaked us as much as they could but couldn’t find any information. Unluckily Paul was sent to find us but it didn’t go that well as he was captured. Paul silently informed us that we moved to hide our flag in a tree house. He also told us, the prisoner was still there remaining. When the four men left, James snook behind and untied us.

We ran as fast as we could to our base with the flag and witnessed Josh firing bolts from the tree house. We decided we should help him and ambushed them from behind. However, it was a stalemate until Ninja attacked Josh behind. Josh couldn’t focus his fire on the 4 men and he was captured. We don’t know what happened to him until we sent 2 men out. When they came back, they said “Josh is being interrogated badly.” It seemed to appear they were soaking him with water balloons. I sent James to free him. By the time James came back with Josh, Josh was soaked all over from head to toe. We allowed him to sit and rest while the rest of us stayed to guard.

I finally decided we should attack their camp all sides but leave one man behind. James was elected. Me and my men ambushed them from all sides and took 4 hostage. We tied them all together and left James and Josh to interrogate. James quickly refilled his arctic blast and both were about to pull their nozzles. We asked them if they yield. They said no so I was about to pull my nozzle back. They still wouldn’t yield so we pulled back… and the other part is top secret. I sent James and Josh to capture the last man. They couldn’t find the flag though so we asked the hostages where it was. They didn’t answers so we pulled our nozzles back again but this time they said they yield. We finally won the battle.