Campsite Night Time Soak Fest

By: Rambo

It was our first night up in tremper ny and it was 9:30 pm.all 5 of us me ben rob will and andrew were staying in a campsite, but at that time the only place that was bright enough for a fight was by the bathrooms and showers. the only place we could fill our guns up was in the showers which took forever,until we realised the handicap shower was perfect for reloading

finally when we were ready we battled in the parking lot for about 30 minutes then ben and andrew went back to the camp site to get the camera and during that time me rob and will took position in the woods so we which was about 15 feet away from the showers were they would have to go because they each were out of water and we were going to ambush them but the problem was that ben was holding the camera so we had to wait for them to finish loading . once they were loaded they went the other way we wanted them to go so we eventually had to come out of the would to find them and what they did was go to the field at the back of the showers were it was impossible to ambush them so by the time we got there they ran into the woods so we had no clue were they were so we stayed in the middle of the field and we hoped to lure them out of the woods which never worked.

later we found out they were hiding behind the rocks which were about 80 feet from were we were and they knew that if they moved we would see them. So eventually we just decide to go reload so we went in the shower room and filled up but right when rob opened the door 5 feet away was ben and andrew waiting at the door with their guns pointing right at us so we got pretty wet and immediatly we slammed the door shut and we started shooting back through the windows which worked pretty good and eventually we each decided to go back to camp because staying in the shower room got old

but overall it was one of the best 1st battle you could have