War Stories / Battle Reports being migrated

The War Stories category is now added as a subsection of iSoaker.net. While iSoaker.com focuses on the technology and gear that make water fights and water warfare possible, iSoaker.net shall look more towards the User-side of the equation. Amongst other things, I am presently migrating old Fan Stories, War Stories, and Battle Reports over from iSoaker.com to iSoaker.net. Once the migration is complete, I’ll be re-directing the link on iSoaker.com to the iSoaker.net category. One major advantage for using iSoaker.net to house battle reports and war stories is that iSoaker.net members have the ability to draft and publish their stories through the website. There has been a lull in war stories submissions to iSoaker.com for a variety of reasons, but hope the development of iSoaker.net inspires others to share their water blaster and water warfare experiences!

Soak on!