First Event of Summer: 2 v 2, November 4th, 2009

By: ncog


Last night one of my friends suggested having a water fight today, since the weather forecast predicted a hot 27C (though with a heavy wind warning). Plans were made and my three friends arrived today in the afternoon (for the sake of this article I will call them Roger, Yarning and William). None of them had their own soakers yet, so I laid out my five best working soakers (Vindicator, Pulse Master, Orca, Tiger Shark and Renegade) out on the lawn for them to choose from. After the three of them had chosen, I was left to choose out of the Tiger Shark and Renegade. I decided to go for the Renegade since I believed it to have a better range than the Tiger Shark and was interested to see how it would fare as the only air pressure soaker on the field. The weather during the water fight was overcast but still warm (nowhere near 27C but still nice for a water fight); shortly after we finished the sun broke through the cloud cover and increased the temperature significantly (though if that had happened during the water fight we would have likely gotten sunburnt, so it was probably better the way the weather turned out). Continue reading First Event of Summer: 2 v 2, November 4th, 2009

Second Armed Skirmish

By: Team Fear

Fri May 29, 2009

My team divided in two and had a five on five 30 second re spawn game. This was the first battle where I could try out the heavy hitters of my arsenal like the 1000,1500, Expedition, Vindicator and Tiger Shark all at once. It was also are largest war of the season yet. My team consisted of my two younger siblings and two younger players. The war was fought around my yard, with the backyard being a strategic Garrison equipped with two guard towers. We also played on the street but most of the fighting was around the house. There are two killer corners that people camp out around. Continue reading Second Armed Skirmish