The Siege of the Hill

By: yoyotic

It all started with a water gun. My friend, Bravo 2, betrayed me and Bravo 1, and we went to war. This is that story. The teams were:

  • Me (Super Soaker Shot Blast)
  • Bravo 1 (WW Power Pump)
  • Enemy: Bravo 2 (WW Vanquisher)

Me and Bravo 1 took a big, steep hill as our base. It was easy to defend against more cautious soldiers. We realized that we had no place to refill, so we would have to be accurate in our shots. I had a scope, so I wasn’t worried. The battle started when Bravo 2 charged up the hill in his first assault. We did not have any water balloons to throw at him, so Bravo 1 opened fire on the enemy. he took it to the chest, but kept going. I blasted my Shot Blast at him, and he stumbled back as it struck his head. “Cover fire!” I shouted. With cover fire, I ran down and shoved Bravo 2 hard. Because of the weight of his weapon, he rolled down to his base.

His second assault came when Bravo 1 went to refill. He ran up and sprayed at me with a long stream of water. I rolled and dodged, then shot him in the chest with my gun. Unfazed, he pushed me to the side of the hill. He had taken over the base! I was about to surrender when a stream of water hit him in the back of the neck. It was Bravo 1! I shot him again, and again. Finally, he retreated. During the lull in the fighting, we planned an ambush. Bravo 1 would lure him in while I would run out of the woods and take him by surprise. When he came up, Bravo 1 shouted taunts at him. “Get ready” he whispered to me. Bravo 2 finally charged, and I yelled and blasted his back with cold water. He screamed and ran down to his base. “Attack!” I shouted. We pursued him down the hill and shot him over and over. He finally surrendered.

We had taken the base, but the war was hardly over. It had just turned into war season, and I was ready to win.