Some typical korean water guns

This is AK-47 shaped water gun.  This gun uses air pressure. It is have average range, but have very low output. (range 7~9 meters, output 4ml/sec.)

This is fire extinguisher water gun. this water gun is very tiny and have low capacity.  Price is 3900 KRW at one pack. (maybe 3.9 USD) And 5 guns is a pack.

This water gun call by “police water gun”. (In Korean, 경찰물총[gyungchal mulchong].) This gun has bad stats. (range 7m(in 45 degree) capacity 0.9 liters)

This water gun call by “firefighter water gun”. it have 2 nozzles(single shot, triple shot.) but it have bad range. (in single shot, 5 meters and in triple shot, 3 meters.)

All of Korean water guns are have bad outputs.

But I think 60% of Korean water guns are have good capacity.

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I am korean water gun user.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I can see why some of these water blaster models wouldn’t be as easily sold in North America. It is also interesting that Nerf Super Soakers can be found in Korea (they are the only “name brand” I’ve seen sold in China as well). Water Warriors (by Buzz Bee Toys) isn’t likely sold in Korea due to lack of finding a good distributor for them to work with. I’ll see if I can dig up a little more information on that…

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