Water Gun / Water Blaster Buying Guide for 2015

The iSoaker.com Water Gun / Water Blaster Buying Guide for 2015 is now posted.

Aimed at those looking for advice on how to get the best water blasting for the buck, this guide strives to balance objective performance statistics together with cost and user preferences. What is the best water gun for one is not necessarily the best blaster for another.

Of course, while every water gun has its use somewhere, the water blaster models we try to recommend are ones that are more flexible on the field.

In the end, individual preferences may have you choose one of the models not recommended, but it is always better to know your options to improve your ability to make the best choice for YOU!

Soak on!

One Year of iSoaker on Social Media

Happy one year for iSoaker Warriors on Facebook and Google+!

One year has now passed since I finally opted to dive more into social media with varying levels of success. While neither page has grown virally, both have proven useful for interacting with fellow water blaster and water warfare enthusiasts and, as such, are deemed successful. As more things develop and change over the next few years, it will be interested to see how both these channels grow.


Soak on!