Defining a Purpose for

With the launch of the WordPress-driven part of, I’ve been torn over exactly what I wanted to do with it. While providing a cleaner landing page and offering easy online content creation tools, the question is what content should appear on that shouldn’t go to The brief moment I ran a WordPress-driven forum indicated that there is no current need to an additional forum on water warfare and that is doing a good job covering that space. The forums were subsequently shuttered since I really don’t like having that sort of space left stagnant.

As for, being more interactive in nature, my current idea on content creation is to develop articles on various stock water guns and water blasters that discuss these items in a different way than how things are described in Reviews. I’m currently working on an article of the Water Warriors Waterlord. I hope to have it done in a few more days and hopefully it will prove to be an interesting read and perhaps starting point for additional discussion here.

Soak on!

Fixed page links – closing WordPress Forums

After doing a little bug hunting, finally figured out why the WordPress static pages were no longer loading. After fixing my .htaccess file, all appears to be good.

In other news, due to general lack of interest in the current WordPress-based forums, I’m opting to shelve it and focus on other areas for new content creation both for as well as

More changes to come! Updated

Just did some back-end updating to I’m still not content that I need to use a sub-optimal redirect from to actually get to this part of the website. Hopefully, I can figure out a better solution soon. Otherwise, backend updating aside, I am debating how I foresee what I want to build looking ahead another 5 years. Considering will be 15 years old in June, we’ve come a long way. There is, of course, so much that can be done with websites these days, but UI features aside, content creation remains the most important to me. Bug

While attempting to fix the “re-direct” file when visitors browse purely to “”, while it appeared to initially work, for some reason, it broke the ability to easily log into the site.

As such, I’ve reverted it to the older re-direction file that does not work as smoothly, but at least appears to avoid the log-in bug issue.

One Year of iSoaker on Social Media

Happy one year for iSoaker Warriors on Facebook and Google+!

One year has now passed since I finally opted to dive more into social media with varying levels of success. While neither page has grown virally, both have proven useful for interacting with fellow water blaster and water warfare enthusiasts and, as such, are deemed successful. As more things develop and change over the next few years, it will be interested to see how both these channels grow.


Soak on! Registration Bug – FIXED?

So much for a simple solution – seems like the current WordPress installation for is not allowing new users to Register properly. I’ve tried to register a new account (using one of my other email accounts to test) and have not received a registration confirmation email. I know of at least one other person who has tried to register without success.  Looking into it.


Update: I reconfigured how emails are being handled by this installation. If you have not received a confirmation email, please try re-requesting your password and hopefully it works now.