Defining a Purpose for

With the launch of the WordPress-driven part of, I’ve been torn over exactly what I wanted to do with it. While providing a cleaner landing page and offering easy online content creation tools, the question is what content should appear on that shouldn’t go to The brief moment I ran a WordPress-driven forum indicated that there is no current need to an additional forum on water warfare and that is doing a good job covering that space. The forums were subsequently shuttered since I really don’t like having that sort of space left stagnant.

As for, being more interactive in nature, my current idea on content creation is to develop articles on various stock water guns and water blasters that discuss these items in a different way than how things are described in Reviews. I’m currently working on an article of the Water Warriors Waterlord. I hope to have it done in a few more days and hopefully it will prove to be an interesting read and perhaps starting point for additional discussion here.

Soak on!