R.I.P. Buzz Bee Toys Inc. – Long Live Buzz Bee Toys


Note: While I try to be as factual as possible, much of this post is based on presumptions and some speculation. I was and am not privy to the exact details behind the acquisition of Buzz Bee Toys by Alex Brands nor am I presently aware of how they plan to work together in the short and longer terms. Granted, considering the deal is barely a month old, chances are they are also figuring things out as well.

In May, 2015, Buzz Bee Toys Inc. was acquired by Alex Brands. Alex Brands is known more commonly by its popular brands such as Alex, Slinky, Poof, Ideal, and Zoob.  While not the first company interested in acquiring Buzz Bee Toys, this new combination appears to offer the most benefit to all sides. Though technically an acquisition, this combination is more analogous to a merger wherein the capabilities of the company being acquired (Buzz Bee Toys) are being added to, not replaced by, the capabilities of the parent company (Alex Brands).

From what minimal information I know, little should change in the day-to-day running of Buzz Bee Toys. Its management structure remains intact and the last product development meeting I attended went as usual despite already being in negotiations with Alex Brands.

Post-acquisition, my interaction with Buzz Bee Toys remains the same with no notable changes apart from a recent website update noting the revised branding.

From my understanding, what Alex Brands is bringing to the table is greater advertising capabilities and US-based manufacturing capability.

Of course, how this all ends up panning out with respect to the products we see next for the Water Warriors line remains to be seen, but I remain optimistic that we will see continued advances, not steps backwards, for our water warfare world. Time will tell.

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  1. As for how long have I known about this – well, since March, but couldn’t say anything until it was a done deal and official, especially if things fell through.

  2. Of course, I also missed Buzz Bee Toys’ Facebook post on May 14 that they were being incorporated into Alex Brands since I was traveling then without easy access to Facebook. Oh well…

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