Happy New Year – Welcome, 2016

Happy New Year – welcome, 2016!

2015 was an interesting year in the world of water guns and water blasters. Elastic pressure blasters returned with the release of the Water Warriors Waterlord, but it was only available in Canada. The Nerf Super Soaker line didn’t release anything notable for 2015, but information on upcoming 2016 air-pressure based Nerf Super Soaker models appeared in mid-October, one of the earliest dates new water gun information has appeared online.

Granted, by mid-December, iSoaker had the honor of unveiling upcoming Water Warriors 2016 water blaster models.

With samples of both Water Warriors and Nerf Super Soaker brand water blasters already in-hand, though the winter has just begun, we will be busy at the start of 2016 measuring as many statistics and reporting our findings on these new models as quickly as possible.

Beyond new water guns, iSoaker.com, itself, is sporting some revised styling and new features, particular on the Water Blaster / Water Gun Reviews Listing as well as on individual water blaster review pages. More granularity was added regarding how the different pressurization classes are noted and options to sort by them works, too. Specifically, air pressure now differentiates between pressurized reservoir and pressure chamber systems while elastic pressure now includes insight on bladder, diaphragm, and/or spring systems. There are some items where specifics have not been added yet due to some level of uncertainty, but those are mostly for novelty-type items.

2015 was fun, but ’tis now time to bid thee adieu.  All-in-all, 2016 looks like it’ll be starting off great and we hope things get even better as the year progresses!