The Labyrinth Incident

By: XP20Warrior

This was a waterfight I had last summer last May before my birthday. Medhavin and Uvraj, my cousins from the other war I had posted, were involved in this skirmish, including my brother and my…well, I’ll leave that for now.

It had just finished raining. The sky was mostly overcast, a small slit in the clouds, showing a golden sky above. The ground was damp, a few sprinkles still falling from the sky above. Continue reading The Labyrinth Incident

Water War 5

By: Jared Grey

The following takes place between 11:45 AM and 12:00 PM on August 14, 2004

11:45 AM

“Dag, this thing is heavy!”

“Must be all those rocks I put in it, huh?”

The normally rough plastic surface of the molded handle on the Coleman cooler was now slick with sweat, making it nearly impossible to hold on to as Joe and I tried to manuever it and ourselves through a particularly dense patch of vines. I ducked out from under the last one, a woody rope about half the thickness of a weiner dog, and set my end of the cooler down while I wiped my hand on my shirt. Joe did the same, and then we each took a handle and started forward again. I twisted my head around and did a quick check to make sure we hadn’t lost anybody. Everybody was carrying at least three guns apiece, in addition to their own, for caching, and all were acounted for, Nate just stepping out from the vine-strung patch of trees we called the badlands, carrying the other cooler with Mark’s help. Wouldn’t want anyone unfamiliar with the terrain getting lost back here, or stepping in the creek to our right.
Ahead the density of the woods decreased dramatically, opening up into clearing of sorts, the only trees being ten or so feet apart, scattered throughout the clearing. There were fallen branches lying on the ground, decomposing from the 8 months this area spent under a foot and a half of water. Now it was just covered in a coat of dry, though muddy looking leaves. The stream moved sluggishly on our right, and beyond it a steep hill covered in thinning undergrowth that led up to the highway. A barbed wire fence, obviously put in place to prevent motorists from descending into the woods crisscrossed the stream, the posts set into both banks wherever there was solid ground. “Welcome to my kingdom!” I announced with a hint of sarcasm as we entered the swamp. Joe and I walked over to the edge of the creek. “This was a great idea you had, Joe” I said, carrying the cooler over to the water’s edge.

“Yeah” he said, “they’ll never think to look for water UNDERWATER.” Continue reading Water War 5

Urban Skirmish

By: Veteran

One of my teammates and I were walking down the street when I saw some of my neighbors shooting each other with Water Warrior Wasps and Crickets, and of course we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to peg off some kids with our superior firepower. We went back to our houses where I grabbed up my 1000 and he got his 2100. Our houses are on opposite sides of where the kids were fighting in a small coal de sac, so we came from both sides and attacked. I fired a few warning shots into the air while Drew, my teammate just fired into them. Continue reading Urban Skirmish

The Battle of the Tarps

By: TCPaintBaller720

It was about a week since school had ended, and our neighborhood was anxious to begin the water war season. I called up the members of my team, and they came over. We then found out that the two teams that traditionally faced us had joined sides, due to our botched raid in October (See Operation Counter Strike). I hit my head in frustration. The enemy had tied rope from tree to tree, putting tarps on it, and essentially made a big, unpenetratable wall. This wall was extraordinary, sporting full coverage of their area, and that meant it would be hard to capture their supply source. So, my team and i divided into 3 four man fireteams, and planned to assault the fortress. Continue reading The Battle of the Tarps

Satisfying Fight Story

By: Andrew A.

So there I am, at my mundane, but enjoyable work with my city’s recreation department. I have been aware of the pending ambush by the older kids in the program for some time, so I have had time to gear up. I was antsy for the hours leading up to the fight, as I could observe the older kids and their leaders filling up at a water filter station on top of the hill above our park… what in God’s name could take a group soooo long to prepare for a water war. Every time I found myself forgetting of their presence I felt naked and afraid that they would end up with the element of surprise, instead of me. My kids had no idea what was coming, so I had my CPS 2000 MKI and my Vaporizer tucked away in the back supply cabinet. Continue reading Satisfying Fight Story

Dark Elite Part One

By: Dark Elite

The situation was Close Quarters, enough said. I had my brand-new Storm 2500 and was keen to see how it performed against top-notch XPs and some lower CPS cannons.

Straight to it then, I won’t bother with too much background info now. My new squad (Ickle, Scott and me) were geared up and ready to rock on our limited battleground. We were on the second green, lots of bush cover, we were going to need it. After checking over our blasters, the other team came into view. It was Callum, Dean and Faulkner. Ickle’s Storm 2500, along with mine, could match Dean’s Max-D (or so we hoped). Callum was with an XP70 (not exactly intimidating, but he’s good with it) and Faulkner had two pistols I couldn’t ID at this range. Scott had a CPS1000. As they neared the battlefield, we moved into position, ready to rumble. They got into their positions and after a few seconds, all seven blasters shot into the air for a sustained shot until our chambers ran dry. This allowed me, aside from letting us know that battle was imminent, to evaluate Faulkner’s mystery pistols. They both seemed to be 2X or thereabouts. Bring it on. Continue reading Dark Elite Part One

The Ambush

By: Michael T.

Here is the lineup:


Mikey: CPS 4100, CPS 1000
Mo: CPS 1000

My Team:

Me (Michael): Cps 4100, Tripple Agressor
Jason: Cps 2100
Andrew: Monster X (Basically the same as the CPS 4100)

The setup was a small dirt field with a hose, a sidewalk leading to a sidewalk with a small field then a fenced mini playground directly in front of the field. Next to the playground, or directly in front of the field behind the park, are a lineup of garages (Its a co-op) and to the left of the field and sidewalk are houses that have porches covered with bushes. Continue reading The Ambush

Forest Fight I

By: Yannick M.

Our team:

Luke – 2 dollar store water guns that work really well (shoots 35 feet)
Devon – 2 dollar store water guns that work really well (shoots 35 feet)
Jordan – CPS 2700
Yannick (me, leader) – CPS 2500

Other team:

John – Max-D Secret Strike
Josh – 2 XP 270
Mike – Super Charger 600
William – 2 squirt guns (haha)

First, we started out at 7:30 to head to the forest with a 80 litre bucket of water and water balloons. It was super heavy, but luckily a very nice man with a truck offered to drive some of us to the forest and drive the bucket of water. Continue reading Forest Fight I

Operation Counter Strike

By: Zulu

This was a war that took place on October 3rd, 2003, the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and this war had the similar effects. After the last battles of the summer, the neighborhood had been tense. No one had offical control over the park and everyone held small sections. All of the enemy teams would always follow behind their leaders, armed with CPS 1000s, and act as bodyguards. Although it’s cold in October (I live up north), we planned an operation to ensnare the enemy leadership by launching a surprise attack. Members of the Delta Group (Me, Viper, Hawk) would capture the leaders while the rest of my team would hold a perimeter defending us. Continue reading Operation Counter Strike