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water_warriors_waterlord_225New thumbnail images are rolling out across’s various product review pages. The Review Database page is but one section that now enjoys larger images. While some may have preferred even larger “thumbnails”, I opted for this size as a good compromise between being larger with more visible, yet still small enough so that one can see a decent number of these thumbnails when viewing on a mobile device. As I do not have the manpower nor desire to maintain a separate mobile-optimized site, my goal is to try to have both desktop and mobile friendly using only one shared design.

More changes to come, but the bigger changes are planned for the end of the year/start of 2016. Still can’t believe it’s already November!

Super Soaker XP 310 – A Closer Look

super_soaker_xp310_gridThe Super Soaker XP 310 was the largest air pressure water gun released by Larami Ltd. in 2000 under the Super Soaker XP line. For all intents and purposes, it can be thought of as the big brother to the Super Soaker XP 220, sharing the same colour palette and some similar styling, though also being quite different since the XP 310 features dual separate air pressure chambers.

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Super Soaker XP 220 – A Closer Look

super_soaker_xp220_gridThe Super Soaker XP 220 was the second-smallest air pressure water gun released by Larami Ltd. in 2000 under the Super Soaker XP brand and is like the Super Soaker XP 215s slightly older brother. While definitely a pistol-class water blaster, the XP 220 will fit only larger pockets. Having twice the water capacity of the XP 215, the XP 220 offers a little longer field life, though its limited output and capacity means this water blaster is not meant to challenge significantly larger pressurized water blasters. Continue reading Super Soaker XP 220 – A Closer Look – Sept., 2015 Developments

While I definitely intend to continue writing up more “A Closer Look” articles, with summer coming to a close, the frequency of new articles will slow a bit as work and life are starting to have me a little busier. There are also other aspects of as well as that I wish to develop; everything, of course, costs time.

Of course, with autumn approaching, that also means we are getting closer to learning more on what new stock water blasters will be available for 2016.

I am also looking for means to inspire others who are interested to help build this site, but one step at a time.

Soak on!

Super Soaker Triple Shot – A Closer Look

super_soaker_tripleshot_gridThe Super Soaker Triple Shot, released in 2005, is one of the best and possibly the most powerful of the pistol-sized water blasters ever released. Introduce by Hasbro Inc. in 2005 along with the rest of the Soaker Tag Elite series, the Triple Shot was the smallest of the new water guns released under the Super Soaker brand that year. However, compared to all other pistol-class water blasters before it, few would expect to see the performance this particular model would give.

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Super Soaker Monster (2001) – A Closer Look

super_soaker_monster_gridLike the Super Soaker CPS 1500, the Super Soaker Monster (2001) remains also one of my all-time favourite water blasters. The smallest of the “Monster” series of Super Soaker water blasters, the Super Soaker Monster (2001) is actually my preferred one of the three. Evolving (or, more accurately, devolving) into the Super Soaker CPS 4100 for 2002, the Super Soaker Monster (2001) has a great design and provides solid performance. Interestingly, it is because Hasbro/Larami decided to create a smaller “Monster-class” water blaster that the original Super Soaker Monster ended up being renamed as the Super Soaker Monster X. However, it also has some traits that could have been improved upon. Unfortunately, also like Super Soaker CPS 1500, the Super Soaker Monster (2001) evolution line ended all too soon. Continue reading Super Soaker Monster (2001) – A Closer Look