Disaster is too Appropriate

The only thing that the Flood Force Hurricane and Flood Force Tsunami are accurately about in their names is that they are both disasters, albeit unnatural ones. Though both are pressurized reservoir water blasters, they perform so poorly that I end up longing for a pump-action water blaster when testing them out.

Baffled by how a pressurized water blaster can yield such pitiful power and have so many problems, I opted to open up my Flood Force Tsunami to look at its internals. Continue reading Disaster is too Appropriate

Pressure is NOT always Better

So much for my Pressure is Better article.

Being curious about Target, which used to carry one of the best selection of Super Soaker and Water Warriors brand products, now stocks their seasonal shelving with Nerf Super Soaker and Flood Force-brand water guns.

For 2015, Nerf Super Soaker appears focused solely on style and pump-action-type water blasters. The Flood Force brand, made by SwimWays Corp., offers some fairly decent-sized water guns that actually use air pressure to create their streams! Might this be another good alternative brand to check out? Continue reading Pressure is NOT always Better