Range Testing (2015)


With beautiful Spring-like temperatures, sunny skies, and being a weekend to-boot, it was the perfect day to get outside and get some range testing done on various new 2015 water blaster models.

The above picture shows off the set-up used for range testing this year. On “getting greener” grass,  a  start position was found, then markers laid out at 10′ (~3.05m) spacing. Three blue and two green markers were used – the three blue noting 10′, 20′ and 30′ marks while two green noting the 40′ and 50′ distances.

With markers laid out, water blasters to be tested were primed as best as possible (ensuring all tubing were properly filled with water and chambers, if applicable, were pressurized optimally), then each water blaster was tested for level and angled shots.

Some notes on testing:

  • all water guns tested were fired several times an averaged (by eye) for their range (at least three time, but up to 5 or 6 times if the range value was no clear)
  • though on grass, the dry under-layer  did make it possible to check for droplets
  • range estimates are neither last drop nor largest area hit; range reported fall somewhere between these two ranges
  • there was an intermittent mild breeze (from behind) at times. During some gusty periods, firing thin streams showed the wind could extend the range of these blasters by 10′ or so. By firing up-wing, it was also noted that wind could shorten ranges by 10′ or so as well. Ranges during notable gusts were disregarded. Only ranges done when there was no notable wind were used for range determination

I’ll post a longer article on iSoaker.com on this range test in due time. I also need to update the records of the water blasters tested. In short, all the new Water Warriors products (except for the “Power Pack”), the Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast, Flood Force Tsunami and Flood Force Hurricane were tested. I may test some other blasters at a later date.