Roads ahead – Water Warriors water blaster developments

With the release of the Water Warriors Waterlord in Walmart, Canada, we are at the re-birth of seeing elastic-based water blasters returning to the consumer market. Buzz Bee Toys Inc’s decision to try for a Canadian release first was likely due to multiple reasons: date of expiration of the patent for which they had previous accepted an injunction,  start of the season being later in Canada than in the US and/or other countries, and the ability to work with specific retailers to make it happen.

Of course, what we would not want to happen is what occurred with the Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon. Sure, the Hydro Cannon made it appear like it meant a CPS 2000-like water blaster might be coming soon, but it ended up being the LAST rubber bladder-based blaster made by Hasbro Inc. ever since.

That being said, presuming BBT is better an keeping a good thing going, there are many potential paths this can go.

Based on the Waterlord, BBT appears to be interested first in making use of its propriety technology, the rubber diaphragm elastic pressurization system. As some suggest, this system seems to be slightly less powerful when compared to full spherical and/or cylindrical-based rubber bladders. That said, given the power observed in the Water Warriors Sphinx (Hydro-Power version),  the diaphram-based blasters have the potential to push out solid 8x (potentially 10x) streams. (Note: for those less familiar with the “x”-rating, each “x” at iSoaker refers to 1oz/sec (30mL/sec)).

Given the price boundaries on retail shelves at the moment, it would be less likely that we shall see dual-chamber diaphragm-based blasters return as quickly, but if the market picks up, it is not impossible, either.

What I, personally, would like to see again is the return of the Water Warriors Vindicator or another water blaster like it. The Vindicator is one of the few Water Warriors-brand water blasters that have been noted by others to be able to keep pace with the original Super Soaker CPS-series water blasters. While not as hard hitting as the bigger cannons, the Vindicator could keep up with those like the Super Soaker CPS 1000 and CPS 1500.

While we do not know what is definitely coming in the near future, we can definitely dream, more reassured that BBT will do all they can to build the best performing water blasters they can.