Wascana Park Rampage

By: Kyle

Last summer, on the last day of school, our class went to the park for a party. Everyone brought a water gun. The park had lots of hills, large trees, bushes and bathrooms for fill stations.Our class was divided into two parts who made bases about 260 yards away from each other. As soon as the whistle blew we were at war.

I had my CPS 2000 their and was giving my team members some badly needed cover fire since they were being soaked. Andrew , Trevor R, Brandon, Ashley and myself broke off from the main battle after about 10 min of brutal fighting. We located the enemy base and snuck up on it.

I went into a tent beside a large bathroom/rest area which they were using as a fill station. Ashley suggested a head on attack, but I disagreed and we made a different plan.

Ashley , Trevor R and Brandon would sneak up on them in the bushes and fire on them, making a diversion. I would climb onto the roof of the bathroom/rest area, which was not that hard because the building had little concrete things sticking out of the side for decoration or something.

I went on the roof with my CPS 2000. The diversion play had gone perfectly and everyone guarding the base had been drawn away, leaving the people who had gone inside to refill their water wepons defenseless. I thought to myself that it would be crazy to go inside the bathroom/rest area with a fully loaded CPS 2000 and just begin to open fire…..that thought quickly vanished as 4 people went inside to refill their guns. This would be my big chance with them defenseless.

I climbed down off the roof and opened the door to the building. They did not even look because they must have thought it was another member of their team simply going into the bathroom/rest area to refill their water weapons. That thought quickly subsided as I opened fire inside the building with a CPS 2000 hitting them all and giving them the soaking of a life time……………..I knew that my water supply was quickly depleting so I made haste to escape from the enemy base . I hid behind the bathroom/rest area while I recharged my weapon. Then, I made a clean break from the base…. I was in prime position for another great attack when I came up on a group of enemies fighting with a group of my own team members. I was right behind them and I opened fire, then felt the water supply for my water wepon run out. I tried to run but there were simply too many of them.

I was taking fire from all sides when I pulled out my back ups, an XP 40 and 5 water balloons. I quickly drained the xp 40 and I only had one water balloon left when I saw everyone on my team converge on my position. Trevor R threw me an XP 110 and the battle was on once again…..but this time I had to withdraw from the battle because the wepon was nearly empty… I was near my base refilling when Trevor O began shooting at me. My tank was empty and I only had 3 quarters of the compression chamber left in the XP 110. I then remembered the lecture our teacher gave us earlier that day… only fire at a person who is in the water fight and is not out of water. He did say however that if a person is refilling they can be attacked, but if they are going to get refilled and are out in the field, you can’t shoot at them.

I told him to stop and that I had no water left, I unscrewed the cap and tipped the gun upside down to make him think that I had no water left… When he turned around to go back to the battle, I fired on him with what was left in the compression chamber….He turned around and got me in the side of the head with his CPS 1000!

In the end, we lost the fight (but it was one of the best ones I was ever in and one of the best preformances I have ever gave in a water fight. Back in school later that day we had a vote to see who was the best water fighter their.

I won and we all had a good laugh over all the things that had happened that day………The end