While attempting to fix the “re-direct” file when visitors browse purely to “”, while it appeared to initially work, for some reason, it broke the ability to easily log into the site.

As such, I’ve reverted it to the older re-direction file that does not work as smoothly, but at least appears to avoid the log-in bug issue.

Spring Cleaning @ iSoaker

Though the temperatures in the forecast remain near-freeze for the upcoming weekend here, it is time for me to do a little spring-cleaning of my collection and prepare for the “On-Season”. Warmer weather should just be a week or so away (though there remains the chance of chills for at least another month).

For spring, I don’t dive into everything, but I go over my active armoury an ensure all water blasters are in good, clean, working condition. While I do clean and empty my blasters prior to storage, a few months in a box can still result in some dust accumulation (and the occasional spider web if my storage area isn’t sealed tight). It’s also the time I make decisions on what new blaster may be worth adding into my active armoury and what, if any, blaster should be moved from active to long term storage.

What do you do with your armoury at this time of the year?

Waiting for Warmth – Need to do Range Testing

While we had a fairly mild day last week (temperatures got above 10C), it’s been below or only barely above freezing here ever since. While not too bad by itself, combined with the wind, while part of me wants to do range testing on the newest water blasters I’ve added to my armoury, Mother Nature just isn’t permitting that just yet.

Looking ahead in the forecast, things don’t appear to be getting warm enough until at least the latter part of next week. Of course, though, there’s also the problem of rain for Spring. Range testing in the rain, while not impossible, is not as accurate (nor as fun) as a nice, sunny, calm wind day.

I’m hoping for a good weather break in the next couple of weeks, but only time (and Mother Nature) can tell.


Hoping for another warmer, sunny day – with a little luck and some spare time, I just might be able to do a little range testing on some water blasters today.

Water Gun / Water Blaster Buying Guide for 2015

The Water Gun / Water Blaster Buying Guide for 2015 is now posted.

Aimed at those looking for advice on how to get the best water blasting for the buck, this guide strives to balance objective performance statistics together with cost and user preferences. What is the best water gun for one is not necessarily the best blaster for another.

Of course, while every water gun has its use somewhere, the water blaster models we try to recommend are ones that are more flexible on the field.

In the end, individual preferences may have you choose one of the models not recommended, but it is always better to know your options to improve your ability to make the best choice for YOU!

Soak on!

One Year of iSoaker on Social Media

Happy one year for iSoaker Warriors on Facebook and Google+!

One year has now passed since I finally opted to dive more into social media with varying levels of success. While neither page has grown virally, both have proven useful for interacting with fellow water blaster and water warfare enthusiasts and, as such, are deemed successful. As more things develop and change over the next few years, it will be interested to see how both these channels grow.


Soak on! Registration Bug – FIXED?

So much for a simple solution – seems like the current WordPress installation for is not allowing new users to Register properly. I’ve tried to register a new account (using one of my other email accounts to test) and have not received a registration confirmation email. I know of at least one other person who has tried to register without success.  Looking into it.


Update: I reconfigured how emails are being handled by this installation. If you have not received a confirmation email, please try re-requesting your password and hopefully it works now.

Buzz Bee Toys Inc. Website updated for 2015

Buzz Bee Toys Inc.

While it happened about a week ago, for those who haven’t seen it yet, Buzz Bee Toys Inc.’s website was updated for Spring, 2015, including pages for their newest Water Warriors water blaster models.

While the site, itself, remains very basic in terms of functionality, I will admit it is at least easier to navigate than the 2014 version of the site that took ~4 or more clicks to actually reach a product page.

That said, while the new Water Warriors items are ok, it would have been nice to see a new truly-pressurized water blaster released. Then again, I probably understand better than most the challenges they’ve faced and some of the reasons behind the lack of a new pressurized water blaster at this point in time, but that is the topic for a future post.