Battle Report: 3/31/06

By: Duxburian

Re-posted with permission from Duxburian. Don’t forget to check out Soaker Media.

Well, our season-opening war was earlier tonight, from 7 PM-9 PM. Unfortunately, Waterbridge was unable to field a team and Belisaurius himself could not go. But the Ridgewood Militia had already mobilized and armed too many people to cancel. So we decided to turn it into a battle winthin ourselves. There were 15 of us, so we split by the squad groups that we had decided on a while ago. I headed a group of 8, Nibordude had a group of 7. So the battle was 8v7, each side with a Douchenator.

So it starts: [remember, it is pitch dark] Continue reading Battle Report: 3/31/06