The Battle of Ferncliff Gardens

By: Dan B.

It was in the middle of summer that I told my friends we should have a waterfight. It was me and Burger versus Tom and Nick.

They started off early by bombarding us with waterbombs. Burger and I split up and I hid in a bush (Unfortunately it was a holly bush). Nick walked past giving me a chance to draw an “S” on the back of his shirt with water (for saturator). He called Tom over for help who drenched me with his CPS1500. I ran back to our base to see Burger tying two waterbombs together with string. He stood up (under the cover spray from my CPS1000) and threw the device at Nick. The string wrapped around Nick and the waterbombs exploded all over him. We decided to call the device the water bola.

Nick ran off but Tom took another shot missing us. Burger tried to throw another bola but Tom hit him in the face, making him drop the bola on himself. I grabbed a one gallon water bottle and dove into another bush. I covered myself in leaves so I was harder to see. From the bush, I could see Tom and Nick shooting Burger in the face while he was tied up. I waited till they ran low on pressure, then stood up and soaked them both with my blaster. Burger managed to escape (still tied up) and ran into our base. I tried to escape but they both hit me in the back of the head. I managed to stumble into another hedge. I had left the water bottle in the other bush where Nick and Tom patrolled. I remembered reading about keeping a low profile so I crawled all the way back to that bush to retrieve the water bottle.

The rest of the fight was caught in a deadlock. After 3 hours of waiting and soaking, we called it a draw. Ferncliff Gardens was declared a No Man’s Land.