The Brotherhoods Fight

By: Kane

Hello, my name is Adam, code name: Kane. I know my water blasters aren’t that great, but for a CTF (capture the flag) game, one hit kills, the type of weapon isn’t really important. I was equipped with a Super Soaker XP-105, with the 2x modification, a SS XP-90 pulse fire and about 72 water balloons (only about 10 filled). I’ll tell you about my team mates before going on. First, there was my little brother, David, code name: Sneak Peek. He was carrying a SS XP-90 pulse fire and was our reckon man. Then there was Joe, code name: G.P. Roony. He carried a SS XP-90 pulse fire and about 72 water balloons (28 filled). Jim, code name: The Bear, was carrying a SS XP-90 pulse fire. Last was an unknown player, code name: Jacob. He was carrying a power soaker blaster (I never heard of it, it looked cool, but it didn’t work well. It would spray mist most of the time, but when it worked it was like a SS XP-40.) so he really didn’t use any blaster.

Our team, the Brotherhood of NOD (taken from the PC game: Command and Conquer) was fighting Joe’s brother, Chris, and his friends. Now I had planned this game for about 5 days ahead of time. I got all of my stuff together before I left to Jim’s house. I took my shovel, 2 x 2 liters of water, some food, my uniform (black and red), my blasters, loaded and ready, 10 filled water balloons and the flags. I put the water, some food and the shovel in a backpack and everything else in my duffel bag. Joe welcomed me and then we started to talk. Jim had told us that our battle field was going to be a forest near his house. We started to walk to the forest. When we got there, Joe told us that his brother was going to meet us there. So, we entered the forest and went along this path. We all had our blasters ready encase of an ambush. Well we wandered through the forest when we finally got to Chris and his friends. He had six people on his team. That is when Jacob joined our team. I had noticed that there blasters weren’t all that good. Some were cheap brand blasters, but the ones that we had to look out for were Chris and his SS XP-70, Eric and his SS XP-40, and Colons with his SS XP-105. We found a spot for our base, while Sneak Peek, The Bear, and Jacob set up base. G.P. and I went to set up mines, trip wires and alarms. The trip wire didn’t work out so well. It would have choked most people. Mines were noticed and avoided. The alarm worked well though. OK, so now we had our base set up, it was about 9:00pm at night so it was kinda dark. We geared up and took balloons in hand. Now I think this is where we lost. All five of us went out to get their flag. Now that I think of it, two of us should have stayed at base. Jacob left his blaster at base, so it was more like four against five. We walked for about half an hour, each with about 30 pounds of gear on our back. At first I thought they were going to ambush us since we were following Jacob (he could have been spying on us and leading us on an ambush.). The Bear trusted him and stayed with him while G.P., Sneak Peek and I stayed in the rear. Well, it seemed like no one was going to win. Sneak Peek and I never have been to the woods so this was new ground to cover. Then, Colons (all dressed in black) came and shot at us. G.P. and I shot back while S.P. threw a balloon at him. He ran off laughing. Jacob told us that there was two going from behind so we moved on. The Bear found and shot Adam and he told us that there was more up ahead. So we went. The Bear and Jacob went and left the forest. We heard the call to move, so we ran out, still thinking about the ambush. We got out, and there was Eric. Now, the Bear and S.P. went to go kill Eric, while G.P. and I stayed to watch the rear. Eric was a little off, he didn’t follow the rules. We all threw balloons at him and tried to shoot him. He kept running. I hit him, but he didn’t want to die, so I ran and fell on my stomach to shoot him, he hit me and told me I was dead, but before that I had killed him.

The rules were if you got killed, then you have to go back to base, from there you can go back to the battle. So I went with G.P. and S.P. back to base only to find out flag was gone. We also found our trip wire broke so we went looking to kill the rest of their team. We took a short break and headed out again. We found out that The Bear had died and Jacob was still running around. Jacob went home, and so did Eric. So The Bear, G.P., Sneak Peek, and I went to go find the rest to call it a night. It was around 11:00 and the bugs were bad. We found them and Chris had shot us all, so G.P., SP, and I shot him back. We packed up and S.P., The Bear and I all went to Jim’s house. Joe went home. At Jim’s house we found out that his brother and his friend went to go help us, but couldn’t find us. We have another CTF game on Monday, but this time, we are getting more people and we will win!