War Story

By: Cody C.

Myself, Paul, Kevin and I had formed a new group called the Mandeloriens. I had a Monster, Paul had a CPS-2700, and Kevin had an XXP-175. We were at war with 3 girls: Adelle, Zainab, and Zainab’s Sister (ZS). Adelle and Zainab had XP-150’s and ZS had buckets of water. Paul, my second, and I did recon. for a whole day before we attacked. We were in a big cardboard box wrapped in a couple of garbage bags. We were on the other side of the street.

We found out that Adelle was having a sleepover with Zainab and ZS. They were planning on attacking Kevin in 5 minutes so we warned Kevin. (He came out and joined us at the cardboard base, hereafter refered to as The Base) Our reconn. mission had turned into a preemptive strike! As Adelle and her forces circled towards kevin’s house, (which was on the other side of the island of houses in the middle of the street) we came around the other side with our huge weapons drawn. We popped up out of nowhere and strarted blasting away! We won the battle, and we are still fighting with Adelle.