War Stories

By: Kyle

It was the middle of summer, one year ago. Two of my friends and I were in his back yard. Their names are Trevor R and Trevor O. We were not doing to much, just talking, when his neighbors stuck an XXP150 and an XP110 over the fence and began to open fire on us. We were drenched to our boots. We were unarmed at the time and being attacked with two top of the line water guns…. We quickly ran for cover in his house and decided on a plan of action. I rode my bike to my house which is a good 9 blocks away to get my 2 water guns, an XXP 275 and a CPS 2000. They were looking around the area for me so I had to make a quiet escape. While I was gone, they phoned another of our friends who promptly arrived at Trevor R’s house with a pack of 250 water balloons.

I arrived with my water weapons about 10 min later to see Andrew, Trevor R and Trevor O filling water balloons at the devil’s pace. About 20 min later, we had a tup of 250 water balloons, a full CPS 2000, a full XXP 275 and a full XP 110. I went around to see that they had even more guns: a CPS 1000, another XP 110, a tub of water balloons twice as big as ours, a large wading pool filled with water, and 2 more people than us. I reported this back to the rest of the group. We made a plan.Trevor R would phone their house to distract them while me with a XXP 275, Andrew with 15 water balloons, and Trevor 0 with a CPS 2000 made a direct head on attack with only 3 people defending their base. We backed them into a corner and made them climb the fence, then Andrew grabbed a hand full of balloons and I dumped the wading pool so they would not have a fill station. We then ran back to our base and stayed their. I then snuck and hid in some bushes and heard them say that they were beaten. I then rose from the bushes with a victorious cheer! The end.