100 iSoaker Warriors and counting

iSoaker Warriors (Facebook) now has 100 members. Founded on March 12, 2014, growth has been steady, but increasing more recently. The recent focus on content creation, not just content reshuffling, is something we hope others are finding interesting and informative. Of course, I hope more eventually also enjoy reading our updates and visiting iSoaker.com and iSoaker.net. From the beginning, my goal remains the same: to share my love of water blasters and water warfare with the world and have others enjoy the fun of drenching each other as well.

Soak on! Leave NO one dry!

On Statistics, Accuracy, and Reviews on iSoaker.com

armoury_aquatechnologyI began reviewing water blasters, primarily Super Soakers, back in 1998 (over 17 years ago) to go with the launching of Aquatechnology. Of course, I never would have guessed then that I’d still be doing reviews 17 years on (but that’s another story). As Aquatechnology grew and I amassed more and more water guns to test, more people started visiting my site. As Aquatechnology evolved into iSoaker.com in 2000, the ways I measured and reported on how particular water blaster models behaved also changed. To think that there are now over 300 reviews on iSoaker.com Continue reading On Statistics, Accuracy, and Reviews on iSoaker.com

Happy 15th Birthday, iSoaker.com!

iSoaker.com turns 15 years old!

Looking back, it is still hard for me to believe 15 years have passed since I decided to buy the iSoaker.com domain name and set up camp at this URL. So much has happened since Aquatechnology was rebranded under the iSoaker.com name, but my love for water blasters remains as strong as ever! Here’s to 15 great years of enjoying water weaponry, sharing this passion with other like-minded individuals online, and looking forward to what the future will bring.

Soak on! Leave NO one dry!

iSoaker.com Updated

Working towards simplifying and returning to the roots upon which iSoaker.com was originally built for, primarily for the analysis of stock water guns/water blasters. The Gallery subsection was removed, but its contents were redistributed amongst the other sub-sections of iSoaker.com. Icons have also been further simplified, now using a simpler colour palette of greys and blues. While additional tweaks may still be done, I plan to begin developing new content for the remainder of the year.


Hopefully, these changes make it easier for visitors to find the information they seek on iSoaker.com. Soak on!

Fixed page links – closing iSoaker.net WordPress Forums

After doing a little bug hunting, finally figured out why the WordPress static pages were no longer loading. After fixing my .htaccess file, all appears to be good.

In other news, due to general lack of interest in the current iSoaker.net WordPress-based forums, I’m opting to shelve it and focus on other areas for new content creation both for iSoaker.net as well as iSoaker.com.

More changes to come!