FFA – Second Battle of Southridge

By: Evangel

This battle was a trial free-for-all exercise at my condo complex between the core members of the Mizukage Tactical Unit, which included me Sparrow and Seraph. I wore my full ninja uniform and was armed with my trusty Flash Flood, with a 50oz Aqua Pack and a portable cooler full of ice and Gatorade. Sparrow was equipped similarly, only he was armed with an Arctic Shock and no Aqua Pack to achieve optimal speed. Seraph equipped his trust Monster X and a Vaporizer. Continue reading FFA – Second Battle of Southridge

Aquatic Soaking Squad vs. Mizukage Tactical Unit

By: C-A_99 and Evangel

Intro by C-A_99:

Me and Evangel have been arranging this for a few months, and I’m thinking of having it this Saturday (June 21, 2008) at around 1:00. (probably have to change it to 2:00 or 3:00 since some people will be busy) I don’t have the address of the place yet, but it should be somewhere between Troy and South Lyon. If, by any chance, other players or teams can make it, let us know and perhaps we could form alliances. Game mode will most likely be 1HK elimination, but we can arrange for other gametypes if everyone agrees. As for water access, I’m not exactly sure on it yet. Its a park so there should be water access around. Still, I’d bring some refill bottles, sidearms, etc. which I always do anyway. Continue reading Aquatic Soaking Squad vs. Mizukage Tactical Unit

HydroBrawl Water Warfare 05/17/08 @ 14:00

By: C-A_99


With the opening water war of 2008, some more interesting additions went in and were tested out, first being pringles cans as water balloon canisters. On my belt, I was also able to clip on a Max-D 2000 and a water bottle, all accessories being fairly convinient assets during and between games. I also had a pouch for holding another bottle as well as unfilled balloons which I filled up with my 12k between wars to put in the canister; up to 4 fit in. Another first was fighting in the rain, which probably sucks for soakfest, but is just plain epic for elimination and respawn games. Unfortunately, the time between games was constantly being delayed by occasional equipment problems, people coming, trying to clear up rules, etc. Consequently, we were only able to do 5 games in 2 hours. 0_o Continue reading HydroBrawl Water Warfare 05/17/08 @ 14:00

Tundra Fury Awakened

By: Gold Hawk

Diamond had purchased a Arctic Blast and we were ready to see how he could fight with it. The armaments were as follows.

Myself: Tiger Shark with Helix as backup
Silver Hawk: Sneak Attack attached to 100oz. aquapack and Lanard Aqua Blaster as backup
Diamond Hawk: Arctic Blast with 50oz. aqua pack

Type of Game: 3-way free for all Continue reading Tundra Fury Awakened