Predicting upcoming 2016 Water Warriors Water Blasters

Looking at past trends, it seems like Buzz Bee Toys you release more new water blaster models every other year for odd-numbered years. See the Water Warriors Evolution Tree. The only exception to this happened in 2008 when there was a number of re-releases as well as a surge in the number of pump-action water gun designs. In more recent years, five new items were released in 2013, only two new items were released in 2014, and four new items were released for 2015.

Therefore, going by this trend, we would predict that perhaps only 2 or 3 new models should be expected for 2016.

Of course, some trends are meant to be broken.


Larger Thumbnail images for




water_warriors_waterlord_225New thumbnail images are rolling out across’s various product review pages. The Review Database page is but one section that now enjoys larger images. While some may have preferred even larger “thumbnails”, I opted for this size as a good compromise between being larger with more visible, yet still small enough so that one can see a decent number of these thumbnails when viewing on a mobile device. As I do not have the manpower nor desire to maintain a separate mobile-optimized site, my goal is to try to have both desktop and mobile friendly using only one shared design.

More changes to come, but the bigger changes are planned for the end of the year/start of 2016. Still can’t believe it’s already November! – Sept., 2015 Developments

While I definitely intend to continue writing up more “A Closer Look” articles, with summer coming to a close, the frequency of new articles will slow a bit as work and life are starting to have me a little busier. There are also other aspects of as well as that I wish to develop; everything, of course, costs time.

Of course, with autumn approaching, that also means we are getting closer to learning more on what new stock water blasters will be available for 2016.

I am also looking for means to inspire others who are interested to help build this site, but one step at a time.

Soak on!

Water Warriors Vindicator – A Closer Look

water_warriors_vindicator_gridThe Water Warriors Vindicator was the largest of the linear-style water blasters released by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. in 2009. As the big brother of the Water Warriors Equalizer, the Vindicator sports a five (5)-setting nozzle selector, shoulder strap, and an internal elastic pressure chamber. As one of the most potent water guns since the end of the CPS-brand of Super Soaker, the Vindicator was a sight for sore eyes. Sadly, its development and evolution was cut short, though there remains hope that we have not seen the last of this type of blaster. Continue reading Water Warriors Vindicator – A Closer Look

Water Warriors Python 2 – A Closer Look

water_warriors_python2_gridThe Water Warriors Python 2 is a great pressurized reservoir water blaster released by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. in 2013. As a newer version of the Water Warriors Python (2012),  the Python 2 more-or-less improved on every aspect of the Python from output to range to capacity to ergonomics. As such, the Water Warriors Python 2 was declared the Best New Water Gun / Water Blaster for Summer, 2013 by Read on to learn more about this simple, solid performance pressurized water blaster. Continue reading Water Warriors Python 2 – A Closer Look

Water Warriors Equalizer – A Closer Look

water_warriors_equalizer_gridThe Water Warriors Equalizer was released by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. in 2009 and was the smallest of a new layout of Water Warriors-brand water blaster. Its larger brethren are the Water Warriors Renegade and Water Warriors Vindicator. The Equalizer subsequently evolved into the Water Warriors Outlaw (2013) which can still be found on store shelves at the time this article is being written. The Equalizer is also one of my all-time favourite water blasters. Let’s explore why. Continue reading Water Warriors Equalizer – A Closer Look

Water warriors Steady stream 2 available in Korea?

I went at most famous Korean water park with my brother and his friends, called by Caribbean bay.

I went gift shop and looking on water guns, I saw Nerf super soaker barrage, and some typical water guns.

Well, I saw the familiar  water gun in the gift shop.

I imagine myself, ‘I saw this water gun at isoaker, so what is it?’

And suddenly I believed, It was Water warrior’s Steady stream 2!

Brand was different, but it have very good range and output.(I tested with sample :) )

This is saying that, water warriors water gun can be available in Korea!

※bad grammars, bad vocabulary… sorry, I am Korean. :(

Water Warriors Drench Master – A Closer Look

water_warriors_drench_master_gridThe Water Warriors Drench Master is a simple, effective pump-action water blaster released by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. in 2015. Following in the footsteps of older Water Warriors pump-action models, the Drench Master brings to the table greater capacity than the 2008 Water Warriors Avenger while still offering a nozzle selector, albeit with only two nozzle settings from which to choose. For this type of water blaster, the Drench Master offers good capacity and performance in a solid package.

Continue reading Water Warriors Drench Master – A Closer Look