SonShine Battle

By: TAKrogoth

I finally got the time to sit down and put what happened at SonShine (July 12-15, 2000) in writing. SonShine is a Christian Music Festival in Wilmar, MN. When there isn’t a band playing that you’re interested in, you’ll always find something interesting to do. This year, I planned a huge water battle. While it didn’t turn out as big as I had wanted it to be, it was fun, anyway. Continue reading SonShine Battle

High Park Madness

Every year, the company I work for has an annual picnic wherein employees and bosses mingle in the open atmosphere of a picnic ground, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, playing games, and just sociallizing in a non-work environment. Every year, all-madness breaks loose thanks to our company’s arsenal of Super Soakers® ™. Continue reading High Park Madness

Wascana Park Rampage

By: Kyle

Last summer, on the last day of school, our class went to the park for a party. Everyone brought a water gun. The park had lots of hills, large trees, bushes and bathrooms for fill stations.Our class was divided into two parts who made bases about 260 yards away from each other. As soon as the whistle blew we were at war. Continue reading Wascana Park Rampage

Lakeside Mayhem

By: Lot P.

This happened by this one lake a couple years back. I was with my team, led by this dude with one of the stronger CPS’s. It was at this one camp and there were about fifteen of us on our team. So anyway, out across the lake, we spotted an enemy team led by this guy named Jason Jones. Ten of us decided to kayak our way across the lake. Continue reading Lakeside Mayhem

War Stories

By: Kyle

It was the middle of summer, one year ago. Two of my friends and I were in his back yard. Their names are Trevor R and Trevor O. We were not doing to much, just talking, when his neighbors stuck an XXP150 and an XP110 over the fence and began to open fire on us. We were drenched to our boots. We were unarmed at the time and being attacked with two top of the line water guns…. We quickly ran for cover in his house and decided on a plan of action. I rode my bike to my house which is a good 9 blocks away to get my 2 water guns, an XXP 275 and a CPS 2000. They were looking around the area for me so I had to make a quiet escape. While I was gone, they phoned another of our friends who promptly arrived at Trevor R’s house with a pack of 250 water balloons. Continue reading War Stories

War Story

By: Cody C.

Myself, Paul, Kevin and I had formed a new group called the Mandeloriens. I had a Monster, Paul had a CPS-2700, and Kevin had an XXP-175. We were at war with 3 girls: Adelle, Zainab, and Zainab’s Sister (ZS). Adelle and Zainab had XP-150’s and ZS had buckets of water. Paul, my second, and I did recon. for a whole day before we attacked. We were in a big cardboard box wrapped in a couple of garbage bags. We were on the other side of the street. Continue reading War Story

The Brotherhoods Fight

By: Kane

Hello, my name is Adam, code name: Kane. I know my water blasters aren’t that great, but for a CTF (capture the flag) game, one hit kills, the type of weapon isn’t really important. I was equipped with a Super Soaker XP-105, with the 2x modification, a SS XP-90 pulse fire and about 72 water balloons (only about 10 filled). I’ll tell you about my team mates before going on. First, there was my little brother, David, code name: Sneak Peek. He was carrying a SS XP-90 pulse fire and was our reckon man. Then there was Joe, code name: G.P. Roony. He carried a SS XP-90 pulse fire and about 72 water balloons (28 filled). Jim, code name: The Bear, was carrying a SS XP-90 pulse fire. Last was an unknown player, code name: Jacob. He was carrying a power soaker blaster (I never heard of it, it looked cool, but it didn’t work well. It would spray mist most of the time, but when it worked it was like a SS XP-40.) so he really didn’t use any blaster. Continue reading The Brotherhoods Fight