Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast – A Closer Look

nerf_super_soaker_zombie_strike_splatter_blast_gridThe Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast is the largest of the Nerf Super Soaker products under the Zombie Strike sub-brand. Like the other Zombie Strike branded products, the Splatterblast has an interesting, rougher look and features a light-up reservoir (requires 3 AAA batteries to operate). With its interesting styling and unique multiple nozzle configuration, it is also currently the only Zombie Strike brand water blaster I have opted to test further at Continue reading Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast – A Closer Look

korean water gun situation

In Korea, people think water gun is only played by children.

So, water guns are usually product focusing on the characters, not power.

And korean water guns are always use air pressure or piston pressure.

Some korean water guns have good range, but nothing have good output.

In Korea, only barrage,double drench,scatter blast,alphafire,zipfire,freezefire are avilavle that  producted at brands.

I want water warriors come in at Korea, but I think it takes so long time.

-I am korean. sorry for my bad English :(

On Statistics, Accuracy, and Reviews on

armoury_aquatechnologyI began reviewing water blasters, primarily Super Soakers, back in 1998 (over 17 years ago) to go with the launching of Aquatechnology. Of course, I never would have guessed then that I’d still be doing reviews 17 years on (but that’s another story). As Aquatechnology grew and I amassed more and more water guns to test, more people started visiting my site. As Aquatechnology evolved into in 2000, the ways I measured and reported on how particular water blaster models behaved also changed. To think that there are now over 300 reviews on Continue reading On Statistics, Accuracy, and Reviews on

Nerf Super Soaker Flash Flood – A Closer Look

nerf_super_soaker_flash_flood_gridThe Nerf Super Soaker Flash Flood is one of the more unique designs released by Hasbro Inc. in 2015 under the Nerf Super Soaker brand. Despite a novel design, why the name, “Flash Flood” was chosen is unclear, especially since there already was a water blaster called the Super Soaker Flash Flood back in 2005.

Nevertheless, featuring a top-mounted syringe-like mechanism over a standard-looking pump-action set-up below, I am unaware of any other water blaster that opted to use this configuration. The dual-pump design of this blaster does confer some level of intimidation, particularly over the uncertainty regarding the drenching power of the upper pump. Whether its performance matches its looks needed to be tested so…. Continue reading Nerf Super Soaker Flash Flood – A Closer Look

Best New Water Gun / Water Blaster for Summer, 2015

Best New Water Gun / Water Blaster for Summer, 2015 article posted on


For those familiar with the latest reviews, the choice made should come as no surprise. For those less familiar with the reviews, this article should provide a good summary of the latest models available and which items may meet your soaking needs.

Agree/disagree/have more thoughts on this article?  Reply below!

Behind Schedule, but Catching Up

Normally, by this time of the year, I would have put together the “Best New Water Blaster / Water Gun” article, but due to various reasons including a rather busy work schedule, hectic life, and various other distractions, I’ve fell a touch behind this year. Fear not; though the choice for this year may be obvious to some, the official article is coming soon.

I also have some fun other developments planned for 2015. Hopefully, they turn out well, but only time will tell.

Recommended Nerf Super Soaker 2015 Reviews?

Of the latest 2015 Nerf Super Soaker water blaster models, are there any of these that have yet to be fully reviewed that you would like to take a deeper dive into?

I am open to potentially reviewing one or two more of these items depending on interest. I’ll make my decision on May 4th – post your thoughts and/or suggestions by then.

Thanks and soak on!

Spring Cleaning @ iSoaker

Though the temperatures in the forecast remain near-freeze for the upcoming weekend here, it is time for me to do a little spring-cleaning of my collection and prepare for the “On-Season”. Warmer weather should just be a week or so away (though there remains the chance of chills for at least another month).

For spring, I don’t dive into everything, but I go over my active armoury an ensure all water blasters are in good, clean, working condition. While I do clean and empty my blasters prior to storage, a few months in a box can still result in some dust accumulation (and the occasional spider web if my storage area isn’t sealed tight). It’s also the time I make decisions on what new blaster may be worth adding into my active armoury and what, if any, blaster should be moved from active to long term storage.

What do you do with your armoury at this time of the year?